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Whenever anyone speaks of knickers there are three main types which usually come to mind - School Knickers, French Knickers and Directoire Knickers (Bloomers).  First we’ll look at school knickers which almost every woman remembers from their childhood and school years.  The most notable years which most seem to remember are the 1950's and 1960's, it's these years when regulation school uniforms were very prominent and most schools had strict guidelines when it came to uniforms including the underwear which was permitted.

There were two main manufacturers of school knickers in those years - Cherub and Montfort.  Cherub in particular dominated the production of children's underwear for a few years.

Surprisingly School Knickers are very popular with men, and we're not thinking of it from seeing young school girls in their knickers. There are adult size school knickers available from a few suppliers and quite a lot of men do enjoy dressing as schoolgirls and it's quite a notable fetish.

It's not unheard of for some women to regress back to their schooldays and dress accordingly and to them as with the guys who like the schoolgirl look it can almost be a way of life.  Far from being a fetish (unlike some others) which some consider taboo, the schoolgirl fetish doesn't tend to be ridiculed in any way.



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